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Supporting Scholars in Struggle:
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1. What is Scholars Against the War on Palestine (SAWP)?

Scholars Against the War on Palestine is a transnational coalition of academics and researchers dedicated to ending the Israeli war on Palestine. We focus on advocacy, awareness, and supporting the Palestinian struggle for liberation and justice.

2. How can I join SAWP?

Anyone from the academic community who supports our cause can join SAWP. This includes faculty, students, researchers, and administrative staff. Please visit our “Join The Campaign” page for more details and to sign up.

3. What are the main objectives of SAWP?

SAWP aims to raise awareness about the situation in Palestine, advocate for an end to the violence, support the rights and dignity of the Palestinian people, and promote a just and lasting peace in the region.

4. How does SAWP work towards its objectives?

We engage in a variety of activities, including organizing conferences and seminars, publishing research and articles, participating in peaceful protests, and collaborating with other organizations that share our goals.

5. Can non-academics support SAWP?

Absolutely! While SAWP primarily consists of academic professionals, we welcome support from all individuals who share our vision. Non-academics can contribute by promoting our cause, participating in events, and providing financial support.

6. Is SAWP affiliated with any political party or government?

No, SAWP is an independent, non-partisan coalition. Our actions and beliefs are guided by principles of human rights and justice, not by political affiliations.

7. How can I stay updated with SAWP’s activities?

To stay informed about our latest actions, news, and statements, you can “Join the Campaign” and follow us on our social media channels.

8. How can I contribute to SAWP's mission?

Contributions can be made through research, participating in campaigns, volunteering for events, and spreading awareness about our cause. Financial contributions to support our activities are also greatly appreciated.

9. Who can I contact or collaborate with SAWP?

For more information or to discuss collaboration opportunities, please contact us at info@scholarsagainstwar.org.

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