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International Call to Action Against Scholasticide

International Call to Action Against Scholasticide

February 18 – 29


Scholars Against the War on Palestine and its international partners in the UK, Canada, South Africa and the Gulf are calling on faculty and students globally to raise awareness and mobilise in an international campaign against Scholasticide in Palestine. 


Scholasticide highlights the systematic destruction of Palestinian education by Israeli colonial policies. From the deliberate targeting of scholars, students, schools and universities to the suppression of academic freedom, these injustices serve to perpetuate oppression and erode the fabric of Palestinian society. 


In Israel’s genocidal war on the 2.3 million Palestinians living in the occupied and besieged Gaza, the devastation extends beyond loss of life. Palestinian universities, schools, academics, and students have been deliberately targeted, compounding the suffering of the population.

Every university in Gaza has been bombed. Gaza’s two primary universities, the Islamic University of Gaza and Al-Azhar University, have been systematically bombed by Israel’s US-supplied jets, reducing them to rubble. 370 schools have either been destroyed or severely damaged as a result of Israel’s military assault.

As Israel’s violations in the West Bank continue to escalate, with fears of further assaults by Israeli settlers leading to increased restrictions on Palestinian movement, Palestinian universities are facing unprecedented challenges. Starting from 9 October, many universities in the West Bank have transitioned to distance education to ensure the safety of students and staff.


This deliberate targeting of educational institutions represents a form of scholasticide, contributing to the broader strategy of eradicating Palestinian culture and identity. It is a reprehensible act that deprives Palestinians of their fundamental right to education. 


Join us in our international campaign. Here are some actions you can take on your campus during the International Action Against Scholasticide to raise awareness and show support for education in Palestine:


  1. Organise an Event about Scholasticide in Palestine. Use this toolkit guide and additional resources to help you with information and planning. 
  2. Pass a Motion in Your Union, Association, Senate or Organisation. Here is a model motion you can use as a base. Process for passing motions in the toolkit
  3. Social Media: Share videos and photos of  your events on social media . Also share articles, videos, infographics about Scholasticide during the week. Use hashtags #EndScholasticide #EndIsraelsGenocide to reach a wider audience and spark conversations. Tag @sawporg (on X and Instagram)


Share. Organise. Mobilise

In solidarity,


Organising and Endorsing Partners


Scholars Against the War on Palestine

Scholars for Palestine UK

Faculty for Palestine (Canada)

South Africa Palestinian Solidarity Groups

Gulf’s University Workers for Palestine

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